The top 5 perks of virtual gigs

While artists and music-lovers alike have been yearning for the return of the in-person gig scene, we want to show just how much virtual events have to offer. Here are our top 5 perks of hosting a virtual concert experience in your own home.

Beat the rush

We’ve all experienced the heartbreak of scrambling for tickets to an amazing gig, only to end up empty handed. With a personalised online concert that works with your schedule, you can skip the FOMO and guarantee a great time. Plus, no more waiting in line at the venue— just click the link and you’re there!

Best seat in the house

Have you ever found yourself squinting at the stage from all the way back in the nosebleed section, or been stuck behind the tallest person in the room? In a virtual event, your couch is the best seat in the house! With the personalisation and intimacy that a private concert brings, everyone can enjoy the VIP treatment.

Enjoy your event in complete comfort

Getting to enjoy high-quality entertainment in the company of loved ones, all from the comfort of your own home, is a uniquely luxurious experience. Get comfy— there’s no dress code here, so feel free to chuck on some sweatpants and swap those heels for slippers. Find a cozy spot in your home to kick back and relax, while the entertainment comes to you.

Catch up with anyone, from anywhere

As we’ve come to know all too well in recent times, it’s not always possible to gather face-to-face with our loved ones. Virtual concerts give you the opportunity to come together with friends, family and colleagues to share meaningful experiences, no matter the distance between you.

Entertainment on your terms

When you bring the concert into your living room, you call the shots! From the fine-tuned process of selecting the perfect artist, to the flexible schedule and timing, you have all the tools to make your event everything you’ve dreamed of.