Victor Spiegel

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Victor Spiegel


Composer Orchestral,Editing,Film Composers,Full Instrumental Productions,Film Music Production,Keyboards Synths,Piano,Songwriter Lyrics,Songwriter Music,Sound Design,String Arranger,Top Line Writer (Vocal Melody)

not availlable, New South Wales, Australia

Victor is a recording artist, teacher, composer, director and author- not necessarily in that order. From string quartets, musicals, novels and even to short films he embodies the new digital age of the modern artist. His continuing study of world cultures gives his art an added edge and depth.

$183 /hr.


  • Albums: Evocation
  • Darvish
  • Life Stream
  • Tuonela
  • Subtle Light
  • The Unfolding
  • Space
  • The Garden
  • Turning
  • Offerings
  • Horses of Life
  • Wonder
  • Lands Within; Feature Film: Dolls (Dir. Stuart Gordon)

$ 183 / hr.


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