Following a pivot in strategy from in-person gigs to personalised Zoom concerts, Enkore’s new approach meets the evolving desires of an audience primed for virtual entertainment.

Melbourne, VIC (2 November, 2021) — Through a turbulent 18 months of uncertainty and lockdowns, the music industry has been forced to adapt to new means of connecting with audiences. Enkore, an emerging online marketplace for musicians, seeks to do just that with the launch of their virtual concert experiences.

Enkore was founded by sibling duo Neel & Satya, whose shared passion for championing up-and-coming artists drove them to innovate new opportunities. With a dream to put Australian musicians back on the global stage, they conceived the idea of an online platform that connects artists looking for gigs, with an audience looking for high-quality entertainment.

The company’s latest launch, accompanied by a sleek new website, builds upon this foundation with an innovative offering for both artists and audiences.

Virtual concerts; list benefits for artists and audiences (eg In the first phase , the platform connects professional musicians and singers with private audiences for intimate mini-concerts via video conference .Users can book classical, jazz, rock, pop or opera musicians to perform as a unique experience for their loved ones.)

Site is more intuitive and user friendly, featured Australian artists & reviews, makes bookings easier ( you may add something like , the absolute highlight of this platform has been hearing the feedback from the artists and audiences. Artists have said they’ve really enjoyed having a reason to rehearse and perform again.

Virtual music lessons (?) The platform soon aims to provide access to high quality virtual music lessons for assisted living and aged care residents. Those in community care can also go behind the music with a number of in-centre programs that enhance the performance experience